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Dana Batnag now blogs

Wedding Announcements at the End of the Marrying Month

David Diaz: The Mountain Province Connection

Joaquin Henson said that one of the two full-time sparring partners of David Diaz for the Pacquiao fight was Diamond Gutomen Baier, 31, a Mountain Province-born boxer. He was chosen because he moves like Pacquiao. And to think that Baier only started to box five years ago. His father is Telesforo Gutomen and the late Verina Tuason. Diamond migrated to the US when he was ten years old. He was adopted by his aunt who was married to a German, William Baier. Diamond wants to turn pro.

SOS for our Iloilo Media

From Tonette:

Dear All!

We just realized that our media friends, partners and colleagues in the Province of Iloilo were also hit hard as the public that they were covering! Diosa Labiste, who was out on assignment, got hourly updates from her family: the whole ground floor of their residence went waist-deep in floodwater; her books now swimming, all unsalvageable, and worse, the puppy drowned...
Arnold, a photojournalist, was not able to save anything, except his cameras.
Many lost their homes, other possessions...
And all these, while they went ahead doing their jobs, giving voice to the people, even responding first to the call of the disaster.
We are appealing to all-- let us look after our colleagues who now need our help.
Any donation, be it in cash or in kind, will go a long way. Please send your donations to the PNA Office at Radyo ng Bayan in Iloilo City c/o Ms. Lucy Montealto, or
to Ms. Diosa Labiste, c/o the Center for Community Journalism and Development,
4/F, FSS Building, No. 89 Scout Castor St., Quezon City. Contact Nos. are the
following: 02-376-5550; 0917-8137699


Team Pac You

The congressmen who went to see Bush and Pacquiao at your expense (Mabuhay! That's how little you deserve our trust):

Rep. Narciso Santiago III, Alliance for Rural Concerns Party List Group Rep. Monico Puentevella, Bacolod Rep. Albert Garcia, Bataan Rep. Mark Llandro L. Mendoza, Batangas Rep. Hermilando Mandanas, Batangas Rep. William Irwin Tieng, Buhay Party List Group
Rep. Mitzi Cajayon, Caloocan Rep. Diosdado "Dato" Macapagal Arroyo, Camarines Sur Rep. Joseph Santiago, Catanduanes
Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr., Cavite Rep. Antonio Cuenco, Cebu Rep. Eduardo Gullas, Cebu Deputy Speaker Raul Del Mar, Cebu City
Rep. Rommel Amatong, Compostela Valley Speaker Prospero Nograles, Davao City Rep. Antonio Lagdameo, Davao Del Norte
Rep. Marc Cagas, Davao Del Sur Rep. Nelson Dayanghirang, Davao Oriental Rep. Teodolo Coquilla, Eastern Samar
Rep. Andres Salvacion, Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez, Leyte Rep. Trinidad Apostol, Leyte Rep. Ma. Zenaida Angping, Manila Rep. Amado S. Bagatsing, Manila Rep. Bienvenido Abante Jr., Manila Rep. Rizalina Seachon-Lanete, Masbate
Rep. Herminia Ramiro, Misamis Occidental Rep. Yevgeny Emano, Misamis Oriental Rep. Rozzano Rufino Biazon, Muntinlupa
Rep. Joseph Gilbert Violago, Nueva Ecija Deputy Speaker Ma. Amelita C. Villarosa, Occidental Mindoro Rep. Anna York Bondoc, Pampanga Rep. Aurelio Gonzales Jr., Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel Macapagal Arroyo, Pampanga
Rep. Conrado Estrella III, Pangasinan Rep. Ma. Rachel Arenas, Pangasinan Rep. Roman Romulo, Pasig City
Rep. Mary Ann Susano, Quezon City Rep. Nanette C. Castelo-Daza, Quezon City Rep. Danilo Suarez, Quezon Province
Rep. Junie Cua, Quirino Rep. Arturo B. Robes, San Jose Del Monte Rep. Roger Mercado, Southern Leyte Rep. Munir Arbison, Sulu
Rep. Rex Gatchalian, Valenzuela City
Rep. Antonio Diaz, Zambales

The perks:
$300-5000 - Willard Hotel rate with 30 rooms booked. $400-500 - Dinner per plate. $207++ - Airline rate per person, $800-1000 - Rental per car with 30 cars rented. P100,000 per member of the Team Pac You.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

News World Stopped for Pacquiao

Here's what happened to the world the past three hours according to Bombo Radyo:
Boston Celtics players, nagpapicture kasama si Pacquiao sa LA
'Panalo ni Pacman, inspirasyon vs Frank'
Dionesia Pacquiao, hinimatay sa tuwa nang manalo si Manny vs. Diaz
Diaz: Hindi ko inaasahang gano'n kagaling si Manny
Round 9: Diaz, bumagsak, na-knockout ni Pacman
Mata ni Diaz, puntirya ni Pacman sa Round 8
Round 7: Suntok ni Diaz, balewala kay Pacquiao
Mata ni Diaz, iniksamin ng doktor sa round 6
Mukha ni Diaz, sargo na sa dugo; Nagmistulang punching bag ni Pacman
Diaz, bugbog sarado sa Round 4
Round 3: 'Diaz, lumaban na pero Pacquiao, lamang pa rin'
Ilong ni Diaz, dumugo


Alcohol Tips

I know you want to drink with all these tribulations and Pacquiao winning. As if you need any reason to drink, you liars. But need to heed these things:
1) I see a lot of call center agents drinking booze and quaffing Red Bull and other "energy drinks" on the side. Not good combination. RB is full of caffeine which is a stimulant while alcohol is a downer. You are making your nervous system, well, nervous and your heart might not be able to take the combo. So for that matter, drinking coffee thinking it would calm you down while drinking alcohol is also bad.
2) Diet Coke with Tanduay is also bad because diet soda tends to be absorbed by the bloodstream faster. So you get drunk faster. You think you are on a diet doing that? There are other ways of dieting.
3) Do have something to eat before drinking. We call it "lining the stomach" but it slows the emptying of the stomach which would have hastened your getting drunk.


Junlee saw this on a mudguard of a jeep in La Trinidad:

It's better to lost one thousand of chicks
than to lost one drop of wine

Pacquiao Dedicates Victory to Frank

It was the most impressive victory of Pacquiao after that first victory over Eric Morales. I have a feeling Manny would be comfortable in this division. Next, he will do a Robert de Niro and gain 50 pounds for the heavyweight title. Go Mehnni! of course, the newspapers will again resurrect the headline, Manny Pacquiao Unites the Storm-Battered Nation

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sarah Manguso

Asking for More

I am not asking to suffer less.
I hope to be nearly crucified.
To live because I don’t want to.

That hope, that sweet agent—
My best work is its work.
The horse I ride into Hell is my best horse
And bears its name.
So, friends, drink your cocktails and wear your hats.
Thank you for leaving me this whole world to go mad in.

I am not asking for mercy. I am asking for more.
I don’t mind when no mercy comes
Or when it comes in the form of my mad self
Running at me. I am not asking for mercy.

Sarah Manguso
About the poet, here's Emily Mitchell's NYT review of her poems:
In her second year of college, the poet Sarah Manguso developed a blood disease so uncommon it doesn’t even have a real name. The autoimmune condition, a rarer form of the already rare Guillain-Barré syndrome, is known as chronic idiopathic demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy, and it took more than four years to run its course. More

The Power of Rumors

Science reported: GIRLS are no less competitive than boys, they're simply subtler about it, a study of pre-schoolers suggests. While boys use head-on aggression to get what they want, girls rely on the pain of social exclusion. To test the apparent differences in how very young children compete, Joyce Benenson at Emmanuel College in Boston and her colleagues divided 87 4-year-olds into same-sex groups of three. In successive trials, each trio received one, two or three highly prized animal puppets. The sexes behaved similarly when there were two or three puppets to go round. The differences became clear, though, when there was just one puppet for each group. Boys tended to ask for the puppet, grab at it, or even chase the child who had it. By contrast, girls punished the puppet-holder by excluding her from their clique, whispering behind her back or even hiding from her (Animal Behaviour, DOI: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2008.01.027).
Benenson says that these socially aggressive tactics may account for why girls exhibit greater jealousy over same-sex friendships than boys. They could be trying to protect themselves against exclusive coalitions. Melissa Emery Thompson at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque says the results help to dispel the myth that females are the less competitive sex. Even at an early age, they avoid risky direct aggression in favour of subtler forms of competition such as small shifts in tone and expression, or spreading rumours.

Graphic, Being all Equal

chairs, candles, people in orange are used here

Revamped Graphic Equalizer from Marcelo Costa on Vimeo.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Oh, yeah! The flamingos...


Japanese packaging makes pyromaniacs of the rest of us

President Arroyo as Hall of Famer of Women Divers

Seriously. She is now an honorary member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. The citation, as read by Martha Watkins Gilkes, said: As a scuba diver and a world leader, President Arroyo recognizes that a healthy marine environment is the foundation of a stable, productive society that can develop in a sustainable manner.”


I thought it was due to her plunging popularity rate that knew no nadir.

Constitution, 2008: Running the Prisoners

Act of God vs Cry for Love

A Catholic bishop castigated Sulpicio Lines owners for calling the "Princess of the Stars" as an "act of God." He said that it is an act of man. The good bishop forgot what their Archbishop called Typhoon Cosme and other typhoons and natural disasters for that matter. He called it a "cry for Love." Tell that to the relatives of the dead still awaiting the bodies. Their ship capsized. A cry for love? Then the rains didn't stop raining. A cry for love? Then they learned that pesticides were in the cargo and must have upended making it hard for the survivors and the divers to continue. Another cry for love? Love has left the boat a long, long time ago. To put "God" and "Love" confuse the tragic situation. Let us stop the metaphysical or else will end up like the senators with their blame game ad infinitum. Prioritize the physical. Upend the ship. Identify and find all the bodies, if that is possible. Punish the Sulpicio people after giving them the slap on the wrist for so long because they are so well-entrenched. Make the laws tougher. Give the survivors or the loved ones something warmer to remember other than the assurance that this is God's act or a fucking cry for love.


Nash ordered one. This we gotta see.

Book Review Booty

Ay naku, when I used to review books, I used to buy them at A Different Bookstore. Now I don't because they only review potboilers and books sent to them. But New York Times recently featured the shags (promotional booties) managers give their book reviewers. Only because an NYT review from, say, Michiko Kakutani can make or break you. In fact, just being mentioned by her is enough for an obituary to some. For example, this wooden Trojan gift horse has the "Lost Books of the Odyssey" inside.

Imagine the gifts that Oprah gets.


Journalist Visa

Got this from ananova. Funny that the journalist here was the top photo editor of Mirror. Couldn't he have just taken a better photo of himself?

A journalist had his new passport photos rejected - because his bald head was too shiny. Ian Down, 42, got the pictures taken at a photo-booth and handed them over with his documents at a passport office, reports the Daily Mirror. But a clerk at the Passport Service looked at the flash reflecting off Ian's head and asked: "What's that mark?" Ian said: "I was shocked. I told them what it was but they said some countries might not let me in if they saw it." Ian, head of pictures at the Mirror, was sent away to get some new photos by the clerk in Victoria, Central London. The new ones also had a bit of glare from the flash but not enough to cause a problem.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Germany - Turkey: Wha Happened?

It's just a matter of who're hungrier

Laoag Girl Wins Top Investigative Reporting Prize

Glenda Gloria, the pride of Laoag, wins the Jaime V. Ongpin for Excellence in Reporting for her report on the disappearance of Jonas Burgos, the son of press freedom fighter Joe Burgos, who incidentally hails from Vigan. Her article, "Trapped in the Web of Lies," came out in Newsbreak Magazine, where we also used to write regularly. Roel Landingin also won for explanatory reporting for his articles on the NAIA3 entitled "The Battle for Manila's Gateway." Landingin's story also came out in Newsbreak. Also given merit was Prime Sarmiento for his article on waste water which came out in PCIJ.

Obama's Wonder-full Music

A True Non-Joke only Fil-Ams Can Understand

A Filipina born in Hawaii who became a man is now set to deliver a baby on July 3. Thomas Beatie whose birth name is Tracy Lagondino is legally a man and is married to a woman. They are going to have a girl.


A joke only Filipinos would understand:

How would you say to somebody that he or she is obese without really saying so?
Answer: "Is Mang Tomas your lotion?"

How Pacquiao Can Really, Really Hurt Diaz

Presidentiable Etiquette

As any so-called midcareer Filipino journalist, we get swamped by press releases from Roxas and Villar. So it is no surprise when I got this from my inbox. Villar: Latest maritime accident undermines competence of Filipino seafarers.

Hmm. Brave words. The rest of the story follows:

Senate President Manny Villar today said the latest maritime accident involving a ferry with more than 700 passengers is not good for the image of Filipino seamen, whose reputation is now widely known as one of the trusted in the world.

“Since most of the seafarers worldwide came from the Philippines, accidents in RP waters send a bad message against the competence of more than 300,000 Filipino seamen. Second to our ultimate goal to protect lives, this is one of the reasons why we should not allow the list of these deadly sea accidents to continue,” Villar said.

Villar, who is now in Europe, said he is echoing the concern of Filipino seafarers he met there after news of the sinking of MV Princess of the Stars reached them...

Ay ganoon. He is in Europe while taking on the Pinoy sailors. There is something wrong here. A great number of people died. I am still grieving over that young girl using the photo of her kuya as her hankie as she sheepishly wept. The country is in a deep funk. Villar, come home then start blaming. I see no difference between you and PGMA right now.

Bruce Lee Anthology

The great Gilbert Yap Tan emailed me the site for the Enter the Dragon soundtrack. Galeng-galeng! I remembered tuloy my plan for an anthology:
Do you have a Bruce Lee Moment?
Do you remember that time when you punched your school bully on the solar plexus at sunset over the grassy knoll of New Lucban? Yes, I did. Now if you have a poem, short story or literary essay about martial arts and writing, send it to me. If not I will extract it from you. I already have Peter Bacho and that crazy Irish writer who fought with Bruce Lee. I also have my own essay about visiting Bruce Lee's karate school in Seattle.

Movie Credits

Movie credits in the age of CGI. You longed for that time when actors and stories are the only things that matter. Now it's the pixels that count.
I love reading the UK magazine The Sight and Sound because they list all the movie credits of the movies that review. But the length of the LOTR is a put-down.
Who cares who moved the mouse on that scene and on that scene.
Was JRR Tolkien mentioned? He may have become irrelevant here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


That explains why I had a visitor in Papua New Guinea.
The yawning dog never gets a chance to use the laptop.
As for that hand on the breast...

The Lost "Art" of Film Posters

These are film posters you never saw before because they were old films re-made by current artists. This site will let you appreciate film posters and why they should not only advertise films but be the events themselves.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sistine Secrets

Nash, your Top 4 in the Euro

Princess of the Stars, Burias and Sibucay

When it was reported that there were 15 bodies from the ill-fated Princess of the Stars washed ashore Burias Island in Masbate. I looked at the map and found out how far it is from Burias to Sibucay Island in Romblon. Even Typhoon Frank wouldn't have pushed the bodies that far. And yet some papers automatically assumed that the bodies came from the ship. It is only now that the Coast Guard clarified that the bodies came from the other eight ship mishaps in the vicinity.

Heart of Glass

Let King Felix Do It All

Felix Hernandez hit a grand slam, the first AL pitcher to do in 37 years. He is the only bright star in the dwindling hope of the Mariners. So what if it is the interleague. Let him bat as a DH.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Legend of Bruce Lee's Caterwaul

Sibuyan Island

Sibuyan Island is a beautiful hideaway in Romblon. Too bad, it would now be known as where Princess of the Stars run aground.


Kafka on the Shore

"Anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves. So anyone who's in love gets sad when they think of their lover. It's like stepping back inside a room you have fond memories of, one you haven't seen in a long time. It's only a natural feeling."
Kafka on the Shore
Haruki Murakami exorcises ghosts here

The Princess of the Stars

The Princess of the Stars is an opera done usually on a lake. The Sun God’s daughter, the Princess of the Stars, falls to the earth and is captured by Three Horned Enemy, who hides her at the bottom of a lake. Wolf, with the help of the Dawn Birds is determined to find the Princess. After an arduous search, Wolf finds the Princess in the lake and with the help of the Dawn Birds, who sweep the water aside with their wings, Wolf prepares to battle Three Horned Enemy. However, before the fight begins the sun emerges from the horizon and scares the Three Horned Enemy away. Sun God orders Wolf to search the world for the Princess (who has fled) and orders the Dawn Birds to freeze the lake and be silent until the Princess is found.
Of course, the owners of Sulpicio Lines may have no inkling of this opera when they named their ferry. It has been their tradition to name a line of their ferries after princesses.
The Princess of the Orient tilted. In a perverse continuation of the real opera, the Princess of the Stars tilted and tilted until it capsized, a kilometer from the shore.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Floating Coffins from Princess of the Orient to Princess of the Stars

AP gave us the deadliest sea mishaps in the Philippines in the past ten years:

—Sept. 1998: The Princess of the Orient ferry tilts in storm-whipped waters near Batangas province south of Manila, leaving 70 dead and 80 others missing.
—Dec. 1999: An overloaded MV Asia South Korea ferry sinks in the central Philippines, killing at least 51 people, including several Nepalese students. More than 700 others are rescued.
—April 2000: The wooden-hulled Annahada ferry capsizes shortly after leaving southern Jolo Island, killing at least 87 people. Dozens of others are reported missing.
—April 2002: Wind-swept flames engulf a packed inter-island ferry in the central Philippines, killing at least 23 and sparking panic among its 290 passengers and crew, some still waking up at the end of a 12-hour overnight trip. More than 90 are injured and 13 reported missing.
—Feb. 2004: A bomb believed to have been planted by al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf extremists explode aboard the Superferry 14 near Manila Bay, igniting an inferno that kills 116 people in Southeast Asia's second-worst terrorist attack.
—June 21, 2008: The MV Princess of the Stars, a 23,824-ton ferry, capsizes off central Sibuyan Island in a typhoon. Villagers find six bodies, while only four survivors are found in the initial hours of search efforts.


" could be happy not only without love, but despite it."
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In the midst of Frank, I got lots of texts about how "lupit" I am. Out of the blue, I got this "comforting" thought

It's All About the Franks

I never saw so many "Franks" in the headlines. I heard in Negros they are divided into blaming Frank Drilon and Frank Chavez. "Frank" as a name for typhoons was chosen among the list in a contest sponsored by PAGASA. Somebody thought it would be weak and straightforward. It was very strong and sliced the country like a fillet knife. Official death toll is now 90 with about 800 missing. It surpassed Cosme in terms of casualties and it still is expected to reach Dagupan by 8 pm.

Hey, the typhoon changed track again and now decided to go west instead of north.

Gaiman is Back


The 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

After two successful years of exploring Filipino Unrealism through prose fiction and comics, the Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards opens its third with a new category: short film. All Filipino citizens may send their original entries in the prose fiction, comics, and short film categories to any Fully Booked branch. The winning prose and comics entries will be compiled and published by Fully Booked, with a foreword by Neil Gaiman. All winning short films will be screened on
awarding day.

http://fullybookedo event_details. asp?eventid= 20
http://babblingpoin t.blogspot. com
http://tresekomix. blogspot. com

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Korean Humor

There are lots of Koreans in the Philippines. It's their summer break and some prefer to use their one month taking English lessons. Some hate them but then they can be funny, too, as seen in these photos:
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