Friday, June 27, 2008

Act of God vs Cry for Love

A Catholic bishop castigated Sulpicio Lines owners for calling the "Princess of the Stars" as an "act of God." He said that it is an act of man. The good bishop forgot what their Archbishop called Typhoon Cosme and other typhoons and natural disasters for that matter. He called it a "cry for Love." Tell that to the relatives of the dead still awaiting the bodies. Their ship capsized. A cry for love? Then the rains didn't stop raining. A cry for love? Then they learned that pesticides were in the cargo and must have upended making it hard for the survivors and the divers to continue. Another cry for love? Love has left the boat a long, long time ago. To put "God" and "Love" confuse the tragic situation. Let us stop the metaphysical or else will end up like the senators with their blame game ad infinitum. Prioritize the physical. Upend the ship. Identify and find all the bodies, if that is possible. Punish the Sulpicio people after giving them the slap on the wrist for so long because they are so well-entrenched. Make the laws tougher. Give the survivors or the loved ones something warmer to remember other than the assurance that this is God's act or a fucking cry for love.


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