Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alcohol Tips

I know you want to drink with all these tribulations and Pacquiao winning. As if you need any reason to drink, you liars. But need to heed these things:
1) I see a lot of call center agents drinking booze and quaffing Red Bull and other "energy drinks" on the side. Not good combination. RB is full of caffeine which is a stimulant while alcohol is a downer. You are making your nervous system, well, nervous and your heart might not be able to take the combo. So for that matter, drinking coffee thinking it would calm you down while drinking alcohol is also bad.
2) Diet Coke with Tanduay is also bad because diet soda tends to be absorbed by the bloodstream faster. So you get drunk faster. You think you are on a diet doing that? There are other ways of dieting.
3) Do have something to eat before drinking. We call it "lining the stomach" but it slows the emptying of the stomach which would have hastened your getting drunk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent article Frank !!
Keep up the good work, my friend !


2:26 AM  
Anonymous volume-addict said...

Don't they mix their Red Bull and Absolut out there? Used to do that earlier this decade when I went to see DJ sets frequently. Two hits of that and you're ready for an evening of sweating on the dance floor with the chicas.

10:00 AM  

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