Monday, June 23, 2008

The Princess of the Stars

The Princess of the Stars is an opera done usually on a lake. The Sun God’s daughter, the Princess of the Stars, falls to the earth and is captured by Three Horned Enemy, who hides her at the bottom of a lake. Wolf, with the help of the Dawn Birds is determined to find the Princess. After an arduous search, Wolf finds the Princess in the lake and with the help of the Dawn Birds, who sweep the water aside with their wings, Wolf prepares to battle Three Horned Enemy. However, before the fight begins the sun emerges from the horizon and scares the Three Horned Enemy away. Sun God orders Wolf to search the world for the Princess (who has fled) and orders the Dawn Birds to freeze the lake and be silent until the Princess is found.
Of course, the owners of Sulpicio Lines may have no inkling of this opera when they named their ferry. It has been their tradition to name a line of their ferries after princesses.
The Princess of the Orient tilted. In a perverse continuation of the real opera, the Princess of the Stars tilted and tilted until it capsized, a kilometer from the shore.


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