Monday, March 17, 2008

Enough of Brian, Lets Talk About Me: Bryan Boy

Ha ha ha. A quarter of a million holding on to the grapevine about the Gucci Gang. And now, Brian would be opening the comments pages: the most interesting of them all.
But now, we go to Bryan Boy for a schadenfreudeian view of comments:
girl interrupted wrote: Celine stole my doll when we were kids and never returned it
xoxo wrote: I know Brian (personally) and DJ was a passing acquaintance. And yep B's stories are true. DJ is a sleazeball who ripped B off. It's just sad how these blog has rocked and devastated several people including mine. I had 5 days of bad sleep, cant eat and think right. I hope DJ pays up soon. Although B did someting cruel to me as well, I think DJ should get his act up now before this crosses over to mainstream media.
Too late, xoxo
jon wrote: to bring out the crazy: well, let me tell you one thing... i'm rooting for EVERYBODY!!! I'm not taking sides. Team Brian! Team Celine! Team DJ! This whole "thing" is even more screwed up than me which I love!!! It's like anything I blog now is gonna be boring. I mean come on, how can someone TOP that? I spoke to a few other bloggers and they are ALL hooked... NOBODY is blogging anymore lol.
Here's the best:
from vannie
I guess it's almost art. The sordid tale with the glamorous pictures, very well done, very Bret Easton Ellis. But why is your hand on Mephistopheles' leg? And what's with the cheeky smile on your face? Are you his pimp? Are you the Keyser Söze in this tale. I think you are :)

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Blogger The Nashman said...

well, at least this is the third time someone confirmed that Celine Lopez'es crap book-award winning book was ghostwritten. i nearly choked when one of her reltatives told me it was. "this piece of crap? needs to be ghostwritten?"

oh well...

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chismosa rin pala kayo sir frank!

3:33 AM  

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