Friday, November 16, 2007

Coffee, Women and Koreans

In Boston, someone found out that men are served faster in coffeeshops. They said that it takes 20 seconds faster for the men to get their latte. They cry, discrimination. In Starbucks in Baguio, the Koreans are served longer. It's hard to cry discrimination if you take into account that they comprise 70 percent of the customers there. Yes, it's more of the language problem. But 15 days into the Starbucks diary promo, a barista told me that dozens of Koreans there already claimed theirs. That's a lot of beans!

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Blogger The Nashman said...

I often get served faster because I only ever ask for black coffee....none of that complicated flavoured crappucino crap.

When I'm behind the counter serving coffee, I always avoid the high maintenance-looking people as they will order the most ridiculous things. If it ain't on the menu board, I ain't serving it betch....This is a PROPERcoffeeshop not fucking Starbucks...

6:26 PM  

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