Thursday, June 05, 2008

GMA Nalintikan

Can't they see the sign? When PGMA was addressing her allied bishops and priests at Baguio Cathedral, a particularly loud thunderclap hit the vicinity. It was so strong where I was at SM, that the gang of boys beside my table shrieked. I twittered about jokingly that the media should prepare for lightning as PGMA was set to talk. And she did and it did thundered. I don't know if the brownout was caused by the lightning but I wouldn't be surprised. Of course, she thanked the bishops for their support to her regime aka kleptocracy. And of course, she told them about her anti-poverty program which of course did not include her stepping out of office and killing the Gonzales twins and the Abalosers. And since it is the opening of the poverty summit, she should have just worn a Tshirt with THE CAUSE written on it. She looked so holy and the bishops just loved it. But God showed her disgust by throwing lightning at the Cathedral. The media will not include that phenomological aspect in their writing, of course. They will talk about her program like it's their first time to hear it.

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Blogger Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

i would love to see GMA wear that shirt. even if it's photoshopped.

12:02 PM  

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