Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lesbians on Lesbos

I wrote about the residents of Lesbos wanting to get their "Lesbian" tag from the lesbians. Now let's read the comments from the The Register:

As a British resident on Lesvos, I'm trying to get my male Greek friends to wear "Lesbian and Proud" badges. Not much success so far...

That depends on how exactly you define "male". It's not exactly easy to come up with a good, robust definition of "male" even in the strictly biological sense. Transsexuals make things even more confusing, though at least they know whether they're male or not. Still, apparently transsexual lesbians do exist. (There was even a fairly entertaining episode of Dark Angel based around this.) For male lesbians, though, you might be better off looking in Second Life - apparently some of the in-world lesbians are males in real life and it's caused huge amounts of e-drama in the past. (Probably still does - I don't really follow Second Life-related news anymore, and I'm not sure it'd really count as news either.)

What about the Samaritans, Philistines, Vandals, Huns, Goths, and Spartans? Which would you prefer to put up with, spartan accomodation vandalised by philistine goths, or some lesbians? I think the Lesbians have got their priorities mixed up.

Actually..... One of the few advantages of being transgendered is that you can happily ignore all labels such as 'straight' or 'gay' and have sex with whoever you like..

Surely the residents of the island are, erm, 'Greek'? This is like people on the island of Arran calling themselves Aryan; we all know what that lead to...

It won't be farmers, it'll be the Dutch. They've been using dykes for a long time. Think of the boy who stuck a finger in one...

So the island is not "Lesbos" nor "Lesvos" but Λέσβος What's the problem again?

What are the residents of Phuket called?

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