Thursday, April 03, 2008

Games of the GG Part II

The Greedy Group vs. Whistle-Blower-Probinsyanong-Instik-Who-Suddenly- Found-Instant-Fame-And-Is-Now-Acting-Like-A-Politician (WHPIWSFIFAINALAP). Losers. While the Gucci Gang Scandal has a cast of a thousand beautiful people, the Greedy Group Scandal features a cast of a thousand ugly people. The investigation tackled a whole range of yummy topics ranging from melo-drama (must the star witness always cry and look perplexed and constipated?), sex (a witness who can not testify for fear of being outed by at least two senators who themselves should be outed), comedy (hambur-jer, bukol, tong-pats. A surprise witness who caused the senators to be surprised), action (a man kidnaped at the airport, brought to Laguna, and before one can say Sister Act III, was rescued by nuns), and a whole lot of mystery (money by the billion dollars, and who the hell is F.G.?).

Jun Lozada (J.Lo) and Joey De Venecia . Winner – Loser. Winner for preventing that dirty ZTE deal to push through and, exposing the shenanigans of the very dirty Abalos. Losers because as the feisty Miriam would say "this is just a fight for kickbacks". Pare-pareho lang kayo.

If anything, Joey is a winner for being instrumental in the removal of Yoda (his over staying father) as speaker of the house, and as the head of his political party. To this, thank you Joey. On a lighter side, CW's officemate is wondering if the real father of Joey de Venecia is Mayor Sanchez of Caluan, Laguna. Not because they both committed heinous crimes, but they both sport heinous hair-dos.

As for J.Lo. CW thinks he is telling the truth. Well, most of of the time anyway. But please, Clarissa Ocampo he is not. CW finds J.Lo too glib, too showbiz, and too politician for comfort. The act is fast becoming stale, J.Lo. As the Melanie Marquez would say : You can cry once, you can cry twice, you can even cry thrice…but you can never cry four. CW does not want to think the fate awaiting this man once his usefulness has dried-up.

Benjamin Abalos. Loser. CW can not think of an adjective to describe this creature. Except, Ang Tigas ng Mukha Mo! You are about to kick the bucket Mr. Abalos, so think of the legacy you are leaving behind your grandchildren. All carrying the Abalos name. Please, have some decency.

My take on the "decent" Abalos family. They held a presscon a month ago.
It's a telling, the reporter wanted it to be touching but No!, story. The Abalosses held a Mass but Ben wasn't there. Where, you ask. But of course, golf.
And his lawyer had the temerity to say that "he was stressed enough.' No time for God, but golf, Yes. Greedy, but leisurely, bastard.
Then the son had this to say about his mother:

“My mom wasn’t sleeping. We have not had a good night’s sleep for the past two years,” Benhur said

Sleepless nights: Check

"According to Benhur, his nephews have been teased and taunted in school because of their grandfather."

Unjust vexation: Check

Hey, if the decent Abalosses go on, they can get rich suing the people.

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