Wednesday, March 19, 2008

L Blogger

Archu? Test here:
  1. You post song lyrics of a song on your blog, as though the songwriter wrote it specially for your miserable soul. Ya, right.
  2. You talk about how discriminated you feel against homophobes and concurrently, why you hate men. How ironic.
  3. You have a category dedicated to your fluctuating emotions called, erm, Emotions.
  4. You vengefully and viciously write about how your Ex has started dating your best friend.
  5. You post eeeeeeendless photographs of yourself and that delicately waxed-to-death hair of yours.
  6. You post eeeeeeendless photographs of your pussy. And I mean the cat.
  7. You don’t blog on Thursday nights because you’re at Play with the girls.
  8. A rainbow flag don the corner of your blog.
  9. Your Google AdSense has ads promoting GAY COWBOYS and 12-INCH-DILDOS.
  10. You have blankanvas on your Blogroll.

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