Saturday, January 12, 2008


It was said that the Eraserheads were our Beatles. It's not hard to see why. The Pub Four were influenced by the Fab Four. They were into concept albums just like the latter Beatles. They did songs with reference to drugs although only Marcus and Raimund seemed to look like hippies. Then they split. Some said Ely just texted the three that it's over. He said he graduated (why then would Ely call his new band, Pupil?) That's why the three were bitter, even when Ely suffered a major stroke and benefit concerts were organized in his behalf. One magazine featured Marcus Adoro saying he would have wanted to see Ely but he got lost or his guide deliberately lost him. He said he will surprise Ely one of these days. He played though while Raimund and Buddy Zabala made themselves scarce throughout all these charity-o-rama. B,R and M called themselves the new "Eraserheads" and played in Makati last April with a girl, Kris Dancel of Fatal Posporos, as their new lead vocalist. Then later, Marcus also quit and Buddy and Raimund, the original Molave Dorm Boys, got two others to form Cambio. Buddy also joined The Dawn. I saw Marcus one time surfing in San Juan, La Union. He seemed to be at peace with himself. I think he even organized a Dec. 26 gig in San Juan featuring Mike Hanopol, the Jerks, Pepe Smith etc. I forgot all about it and never saw a thing in the papers. Until today when I read a newspaper and a famous someone asked Ely about his share of crazy fans. Part of the question was: I remember a fan letter from a girl who said that if you wouldn't sleep with her, she would kill Marcus.
Ely's answer was: To that fan I now say, "I AM NOT GOING TO SLEEP WITH YOU."
He is not going for marital fidelity, my friends. He is going for the jugular, and that particular vein happens to be Marcus's. Sad. Bitter. Erase.

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