Monday, October 01, 2007

Reasons to Drink this October

Well, I have three compelling reasons. The Mariners are out of the playoffs and the racist George Steinbrenner is still alive. And so is Abalos. Still alive and playing golf. And I can't believe it (like Crispin Beltran) but I am actually rooting Joe De Venecia only on this one thing. The fourth, of course, is that we must have lost billions from the mess and the Number One question in most Pinoys' minds is: What is broadband?
OK, the daily reasons then:
October 1. The Tonight Show debuted in 1962 with world-class drunkard Ed McMahon as assistant to Johnny Carson.
October 2. Groucho Marx's birthday in 1890. "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."
October 3: St. Dionysus' Day. This is the drunk monk not the wine god.
4: VODKA DAY!!!! When the Russian government came out with their anti-vodka campaign, the Russians said: Vodka is our enemy, so we must utterly consume it! How true!
5: Monty Python debuted in 1969. What did they say about American beer then? it's a lot like making love on a canoe because it's fucking close to water. Drink San Mig Light. Beer flavored bottled water na kinakalawang ang tansan.
6: National German-American Day. Muller sisters!!!!
7. Bud brewery in Czech Republic opened in 1895. Well, we have to celebrate something. Hey, Allen Ginsberg read "Howl" for the first time in 1955. That is the reason!
8: Anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. Don Larsen of the Yankees also pitched the first and only perfect game in the World Series.
9: St. Denis's Day. Patron saint of frenzies (not the condom) and hangovers. Also the patron saint of Rumours.
10. 10-10. Jueteng pyongpyang. Also important date in China. Drink syoktong.
11. Vinalia. The drunken orgy in Rome.
12. Columbus Day. Also in 1681, a London woman was publicly flogged for the crime of "involving herself in politics."
13. Birthday of Sammy Hagar of van Halen. "Once I tasted a really good tequila I became a new man."
14. In Japan, it is Mega Kenka Matsui. Ask the Yankee star what it means.
15. UB40's Red Red Wine was Number One in the US in 1988.
16. Oscar Wilde's bday. "Work is the curse of the drinking classes."
17. First Oktoberfest in 1810
18. Person's Day in Canada. Ha!
19. Reptile Awareness Day. Hello, XXXX! For those fortunate ones who read what I wrote before i erased it, hahaha
20. National Brandied Fruit Day
21. In 1976, Keith Moon played his last gig as drummer of The Who. He died two years later a drunken drug fiend.
22. National Nut Day. Hello, uli
23. Hungarian Independence Day.
The Mad Hungarian
4 oz shots rum
12 oz root beer
pour rum over ice in a beer mug and top with root beer
24. United Nations Day. Unite all the liquors into one body - yours.
25. Anniversary of the Charge of the Light Brigade. San Mig Light. FCTW!!!
26. The Beatles were knighted. Hillary Clinton was born. Also Mitterand and the Shah of Iran. What does that mean? See you in November.
27. Dylan Thomas, the lyric poet born in 1914. "An alcoholic is someone you don;t like who drinks as much as you do." So true.
28. St. Jude day. patron of hopeless cases. That's you also.
29. Hermit Day.
30. Feast of the Dead Children. Toltec.
31. Halloween.

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