Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kohei Yoshiyuki

Yoshiyuki's exhibit in New York has been written and analyzed too much because it dwelt about a Japan that fits into our stereotype. His images are about couples making love in public parks at night. More importantly, he also included a group of men and women who hide in the bushes watching these lovers. Yoshiyuki spent some time with these people who were sometimes so emboldened that they would also be groping the legs of the women. Non-Japanese may be shocked about this perversion but cmon...I know a 40 year old woman who still get the kicks seducing young men and doing it at UP Sunken Garden. One Valentine Day, we were egged on by a classmate to drink, We don't know it yet then but we went to Rizal Park in Manila and paid I think P2 for the Chinese Garden. That turned out to be where couples who can not afford Anito go, doing it among the Chinese bamboo. It was too dark to watch and we were not as emboldened as these Tokyo gangs. But the funny part was that we were caught by some policemen and were about to be brought to the police station. In other words, we paid our way out. We, our classmates, never talked about it. I don't know how to put this embarrassing situation in a poem. So it stays here for a while.

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Blogger Mojo Potato said...

in an immersion for a journ class i went to burnham with some friends...voila! we have our own version of that place here in, women, in-between call it "The Rainforest" hehehe...
BTW, Happy trip sir!

8:25 AM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

so did you catch your teacher?

10:26 AM  

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