Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Chaka is one of the foundations of our gayspeak. Beauty may be skin deep but chaka lives on forevah! Our common etymology is that chaka came from Menchu Menchaca, a 70s model but then Menchu is beautiful naman while chaka is pangit, ugly. So I thought it came from Chaka Khan, the singer who may not be beautiful but the voice is still beautiful. Until i joined this conference and found out that chakkah (with an h) means eunuch in Pakistan. Anyway, some social scientists interviewed about 300 of them in Lahore and found out that almost all are sex workers and 80 percent have sex daily. Now you know what eunuch is. No? They are unique (another of the pronounciation). I am surprised that eight percent have vaginal sex. Hmmm. It was a poster presentation and I kept on going back to see who is the social scientist and to help me see if chakkahs are chaka indeed. He never showed up.

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Anonymous volume-addict said...

The first Chaka that I remember was from my childhood. He was a character from Land of The Lost. He eventually became the drummer for Sugar Ray. His showbiz connections perhaps one reason why they became known back in the day.

3:09 PM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

I know Land of the Lost. Who is he there? So that's why SugarRay sounds so Jurassic

7:32 PM  

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