Sunday, September 23, 2007

Religious Name

Inquirer columnist Pam Pastor complained:
I was 10 years old when R.E.M. released the song “Losing My Religion. And because this was before I discovered the magic of reading between the lines and the horrors of people not saying what they actually mean, I found the song amusing. Here was this guy whining about losing his religion while I had one too many. I remember thinking about giving him one of mine to make both our lives easier. Yes, I grew up with two religions. My dad’s side of the family is Catholic while my maternal grandparents head a Born Again Christian church.

I say, Haller. Your name is Pam Pastor. You can't help it. I don't know about the hundreds of thousands of Delos Santoses and Dela Cruzes but my friends who have religious surnames are bound by religion. I used to have a classmate named Ethel Simbahan. Her father was I think already a priest but he was lured out of it. And then there's Marianne Catedral, PR extraordinaire, who almost became a nun. Now, she's a King. Married to a King in Texas. Hindi kami beso-beso ni Cardinal Sin but his surname also is a big factor on why he became a cardinal.

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Anonymous volume-addict said...

The theory would've been spot-on that REM was having a "why God" moment just like XTC's Dear God, but Losing My Religion isn't about literally losing one's religion. It's a Southernism for not cooling your jets.

That's a bit of music trivia for ya.

6:34 AM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

thanks, man

8:15 AM  

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