Thursday, August 02, 2007

Reasons to Get Drunk this August

People think I'm a drunkard. No denying that but if the daily limit is three beers a day, i believe I can make it through the week within the limit. Ha ha ha. Anyway here goes:

August 1. Modern Drunkard Magazine, where we are filching this, was established in 1996. Cheers!
August 2. Peter O Toole’s Birthday (1932) "I was so drunk I thought I was Peter O Toole," said Richard Burton. I watched POT in "Venus" and I am enthralled, as usual.
August 3. Feast of Caligo (Roman) All hail to the Mother of Chaos!! And her son.
August 4. St Sithney’s Day. Patron saint of mad dogs. Ha ha ha to Grace and Del.
August 5. Andy Capp debuted in Britain’s Daily Mirror in 1957
August 6. Robert Mitchums Birthday (1917). "The only difference between me and my fellow actors is that I've spent some time in jail." You watched "Cape Fear"? He was the original Robert de Niro character there.

Extended Jail Sentence
1 oz Jack Daniels
I oz southern comfort
1 oz gold tequila
Flash blend with ice and serve

August 7. Customer Appreciation Day. My father's birthday. Thanks, Dad.
August 8. Anniversary of the Great Train Robbery (1963) When alcoholics converge and plan well, they can be successful. Here, they carted off with $7 million
August 9. National Polka Day. Beer beer beer.
August 10. St Lawrence of Rome. Patron saint of cooks and protector of vineyards.
August 11 Puck Fair. Puck is often blamed in Ireland for finishing pub goers' drinks.
August 12. Internatioal Youth Day
August 13. Don Ho’s Birthday in 1930. Died this year. Patron saint of fat drunks in Hawaiian shirts
August 14. Trifon Zaresan Festival. Bulgarian wine drinking festival.
August 15. Liechtenstein National Day. The residents of this small state (very hard to spell Liechsteinians?) drink more per capita than anyone in the planet except the residents of New Lucban.

Mighty Mouse
1 oz vodka
¾ triple sec
¾ oz genadaine
Mix and shoot

August 16. Poet Charles Bukowski’s birthday in 1920
August 17. Feast of the Hungry Ghost in China. Chinese ghosts are afraid of whiskey.
August 18. Bad Poetry Day
August 19. Witches Day in 1609

Frisky witch

1 ½ oz black sambuca
1 ½ oz vodka
Mix and shoot

August 20. National Homeless Animals Day. Don't say "Pulutan."
August 21. National Forgiveness Day

August 22. Dorothy Parkers Day
"I like to have a martini
two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
After four, I'm under my host"

August 23. Anniversary of Braveheart’s death. Freedom, freedom.
August 24. Fesival of Vulcan and the nymphs
August 25. Sean Connery Bday in 1930
August 26. Womens Equality Day
August 27. Feast of the Incandescent Rebellion in China
August 28. St Augustines of Hippo’s day. Patron of breweries wrote that God don’t mind the occasional blender
August 29. Pardon the Sea Day in Britain. Tsunami.
August 30. Aga-ou Festival which is the main voodoo festival in Haiti
August 31. Snake Dance Fesival of the Hopi

Butch Perez sent me the Basic Food Groups of Zombies for August 30.

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