Saturday, August 11, 2007

Joy Flores

While I was in Bayview last Monday, I passed by 7-11 on the right side and chanced upon a father lovingly waking up her daughter asleep on the pavement. Now, there are dozens of people sleeping on the pavement and on the park across the street. The daughter was cute and chubbily innocent. I learned to be streetsmart and knows who's faking or not. When I saw her a few hours later again on my way to 7-11, she smiled shyly. On Tuesday, I was about to buy Inquirer (Yes, Bulletin given free still reigns at Bayview although Business Mirror is given also for free at the lobby) when it rained. So I asked the girl to buy for me and since I was late, I just get it the next hour. She bought Philippine Star. The next day, she bought the right one. That was also the time when the typhoon lashed at Manila. I can see it from the window although the airconditioner was all I hear. How insensitive! The next day, I again bought the newspaper through her but I give her a tip. I also talked to her. She is Joy. They were only in that home (behind three potted plants near the Internet shop) for a month. They came from Cavite. I gave whatever food is left from Chi (the Mother Theresa of the NGOs) and Kook. That night, I bought her a yellow Nafnaf blouse at Cinderella. Yesterday morning, I brought her and her father for breakfast at Wendy's. They used to stay in Dasma but I think the wife (something unsaid) decided to dump him and he got their only child. They got only a few clothes and money. He only now found a job at the photo shop delivering photos to Luneta tourists. They only have enough to feed themselves. He doesn't want to go back or maybe he did something regrettable. I don't know. But Joy was held hostage. She is ten years old and wanted to go back to school. I often see her scribbling on cigarette cardboards. What Joy told me Thursday was they planned to go back to Cavite next year which might be the rest of their lives if they stay on the streets. Guillermo, the 37 year old father, said that they planned to go back to Davao. He asked for the boat fare at the Pier and they said that it would cost one person P2,000, which is beyond their means. Joy said that his father's only vice is smoking. He said that some wife of a Swagman habitue wanted to adopt her but he said it is only now that they are bonding with his daughter. Being a bleeding heart, I promised to help them go back to Davao. Maybe he can go back to Manila and work but her daughter has to be in a safer place. I will be back next week, hopefully with some moolah to help. Chi promised to help but said I should not give them false hope because that would only add to her depression. Chi, BTW, is helping in HOPE which is really for abandoned children. The stories are more depressing there, she said. I gave the father and daughter all the soap, napkins and other free items from the Hotel. I bought Joy some books, shampoo, comb and other thingamajigs. I also gave Guillermo some of my clothes. She was also having a little fever so i gave them about P500. As I went home to Baguio, I still am not satisfied with what I did. I don't know how I would do it but I just know I have to bring them to Davao.



Blogger big_berto said...

bless you. i stay at bayview most of the time that im in manila. i will look for them the next time im there.

2:52 PM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

i hope ha but my target is next week na or basta this month. Kaya siguro hindi tayo yumayaman ano Big Berto? Masyado tayong tumapak sa lupa

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Lyn said...

Wow, I did not know you're such a bleeding heart! As if I know you at all! Regards...

4:54 PM  

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