Thursday, July 26, 2007


Are you awake? Well, most heart attacks occur in the morning. That is not only anecdotal because the most recent issue of the Harvard Heart Letter said that before you wake up, your body releases stress hormones to make you ready for the day. But this puts a strain to the heart and could trigger a cardiac “event” to some of us. Also, dehydration which normally occurs after we sleep can be risky to a plaque-plagued heart system. Your heart medication also wanes off as you awake. You’re full of anger? That increases your chance of a heart attack 14 times, HHL said. So you make love or jog? Tsk. Tsk. A problem, unless you exercise or make love regularly. Don’t eat too much during dinner and try to be as comfortable as possible during sleep because heat can also be a trigger. Also, HHL said that infectious diseases like flu or pneumonia can trigger heart attacks. So, don’t get angry, make love and run away and drink water at night. Just don’t wake up.



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