Saturday, July 14, 2007


An Australian mathematician has come up with her own theory of sex and she calls it the 12-bonk rule. The article didn’t say if Dr. Clio Cresswell, a senior lecturer of the University of Sydney is married or not (which doesn’t mean that she is sexually active any way she answers) but she could have made a better name for her rule. Like the Sensual Dozen. Cresswell said that we may be better off taking a more mathematical approach to finding a partner. She suggests we could take a similar approach to the way we compare the qualities of a DVD player or a car before we commit our cash. And this is the best part: the rule says that you have to bonk (their Aussie word as ours would be chugi) 12 people. I mean, reject them all. And the 13 would be a charm. Or the Prince or Princess Charming (not the Shrek kind). This method, will give your relationship a 75 per cent chance of lasting, she said. We need more proofs here, Prof. I also heard that she has a love formula which is similar to the waves in the ocean. That I need to know.

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Anonymous Ed M said...

Hi, Frank! Nice blog! Ian C is all raves.
Re "Dozen" -- actually, "bonk" in the UK, and in Oz presumably, means "yari" and not "tsugi". (btw, good-lookin' sexy Clio is English.) Thus, bed twelve and settle for the thirteenth. Here's the Univ of Sydney website on the Math & Sex author:

"Dr Cresswell, a senior lecturer in mathematics, has been involved in unravelling the mysteries of love and sex with the aid of 'sexual mathematics'...according to Dr Cresswell, if we apply 'Heuristics' or the 'Rules of Thumb' to matters of sex, we should sleep with at least 12 people and then settle on the next best person who comes along after that. It's not important if they are number 13 or 20, you'll have a 75 per cent chance of securing a successful and lasting relationship," she said.

I completely agree, but I'm only good with theory.

12:13 PM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

I was rejected 12 times. Does that mean the 13th is the charm?

1:28 PM  

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