Friday, January 31, 2014

The Benguet cowboy in the year of the horse

The Year of the Wooden Horse is on us, neighing and galloping as the year progresses. What's in store for all of us, no one can say specifically as we have different birthdates and destinies.
But judging from the nervousness of China, we may see a bit of what's up for us.
The Chinese media are hyped up on 1894, a Horse year, as they recall the War of Jiawu or the first Sino-Japanese War when the Japanese navy defeated the fleet of the Qing Dynasty, the first time Japan beat China.
As both superpowers are getting testy with their respective border conflicts, we should also be aware that we have our own border conflict with China and we are not at par with them as Japan perhaps.
Moreover the Horse Year is seen as full of chaos and economic downfall. Our country is seen as the only bright hope in the otherwise gloomy regional economy but we never know.  
Bangkok Post certainly agrees saying that in this Horse Year, Vietnam, the Philippines and, to some degree Malaysia, are the only bright spots in Asean in terms of relative peace and economic growth. China, Japan, India and Indonesia will be in for a bumpy ride, Bangkok Post added.
During the media briefing here in Baguio, one of the Chinese business leaders told the media to invest in Philippine stocks particularly in banking.
One feng shui master agrees. Business World quoted Andy Tan as saying that “The only place to put money is in Southeast Asia. If you have money, it is best to invest [in the Philippines].”
But again, this depends on your individual birth rate.
BW said: "People born under the Tiger, Dragon, Goat, Snake, Pig signs will experience a good year but Dogs will be the luckiest. The Rat will experience mixed luck with regard to money while Rabbits will experience a neutral, average year. Monkeys were advised to hold on to their cash and Oxen should keep in mind the adages “cash is king” and “health is wealth” as they might experience difficulties. Those born under the year of the Horse will experience a very volatile and precarious first half. Roosters, lastly, were advised to avoid confrontations."
Among the famous Horses is Manny Pacquiao. Those born in the Year of the Horse are not necessarily favored. In general, the Year of the Horse is marked by contrasts, as the animal itself can be both energetic and stubborn. Horses have endurance, but they also have a bad temper and are impatient. An average horse weighs 500 kilograms, can run 40 kilometers per hour and is easily spooked by something it sees or hears, turning it into a raging monster.
In Baguio, we are particularly affected as we are filled with Benguet cowboys. Just listen to the airwaves and you would see that country music is the favorite, the only one in the country with such musical taste.
Back in Wright Park and Burnham, we have horseback riding as one of our tourist come-ons.
So where the Benguet cowboy goes, so goes the country. 


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