Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Word for Today is Parnel

Adam Jacob de Boinod emailed me about his new book, The Wonder of Wiffling. Of course, you would ask, Who? What is whiffling? Of course. De Boinod wrote "The Meaning of Tingo" which I finally got hold of last year. This is about words from other countries which should be used by all because they are so accurate. In his blog, he wrote: "Most of us know a blatteroon , a person who will not stop talking, not to mention a wallydrag, a worthless, slovenly person, and even a shot-clog, a drinking companion, only tolerated because he pays for the drinks." I love that word, shot-clog, because they are so common in my city. Now what about parnel? It means the mistress of a priest. Hey, you might say. Why didn't coin one ourselves when we had too many of these, parnels I mean. O yes. And then researching for parnel, I stumbled upon a nice site.


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