Saturday, June 27, 2009

Is Lawyering a Bane to Filmmaking?

One upon a time, there was a young man who made a film about a young woman determined to marry a man. The woman decided to sew her gown and then the sewing never ended. She sawed on the street and all over the city on top of a jeep. She sewed everywhere. She got the groom and the film won the Experimental Category in the CCP. Joenar Pueblo was still a law student then. Now he heads the Provincial Tourism Office of Iloilo and we met with him during our sortie. We met up with the other Ilonggo filmmakers about the competition we are conducting. Then the next day we met up again and watched their short films. Ilonggo filmmakers showed promise. One of the short film shown was about the June 12 celebrations there interspersed with the Rock Ed meeting and the demonstration of a cop about how to protect your comrades from a grenade explosion (The cop did die). The editing brought the docu into a blast or was it a whimper? Another was about the Typhoon Frank coverage and how the media was seen as a saviour when all it could do was watch. Then Joenar showed his upcoming films including an aswang and a full-length feature film. He said he had a hard time coming up with new films because of his lawyering. Not the time but logic got into it, he said. Which makes you think. The whereases and the writs really do mess up the non-linear thinking needed in films. Or do they? Lawyers are good at lying. They make up stories. They should be good filmmakers.


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