Saturday, April 25, 2009

Give Me All You've Got

Well, as I wrote sometime in this blog, the waterboarding technique had been first used by the Americans not in Guantanamo but in the Philippines more than 100 years ago. Must be very effective. So if you want more, here are other favorite techniques:
1) Hyper-spatial Excrement-induced Dehydration
Fun name: Love Box Melee (aka LBM)
They put you in a box. With a diaper???! The box is just large enough so you can sit in a fetal position. You are fed liquid food with a tube. The food is yummy and nutritious but laced with a um diarrhetic. So you shit yourself uncontrollably. After a few days, how does it feel? Will you be a willing confessor?

Stress Positioning with Water Reinforcement
Fun Name: Dripboarding
In an uncomfortable position, they let water drip on you. The drip varies from cold, very cold, super cold. Very simple but very psychologically damaging

Hyper-spatial Phobia-induced Shock
Fun Name: Meet the Muppets
It's like the start of Fear Factor. They show you:
a) rattlesnake
b) African bees
c) Mickey Mouse. he he. actually a large hungry ugly rat
Two days of watching this reality TV without sleep until the guard says, Let's put you in the box!! The box is very dark and then you place inside:
1) a harmless garter snake with a rattle clipped on it
2) a common bee like Jolibee
3) hamster
Then you record everything using night-vision cine-o-rama. That's how the CIA makes their own reality TV

Hey, friends of PGMA, now you know something!


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