Friday, March 06, 2009

Media Obituary III: Francis M is Dead

Francism is dead! Our politically-correct old-school rapper is dead. Heard about rumors of his death years ago. Now it's sure because two of my FB friends said so.
Oh yeah, the media.
Richard Tann is long dead. He is the guy who sang the Hallmark Jingle (Those Hallmark memories of yesterday. No one throws away memories). Now Hallmark Magazine is also dead.
Worth is dead. (Nice photo of the child avatar)

Reason for death of the day:
"You know, you talk about – one talks about the kind of value of news gathering, of reporting that happens at these newspapers. But a newspaper is much more than just a venue for producing hard news stories. It’s a physical bundle of paper that bundles together stories of all different kinds – weather reports, sports coverage, arts, book reviews, movie reviews. And there’s a particular logic to assembling that kind of bundle, but it’s an economic logic that has to do with the economics of printing and distributing pieces of paper and it’s not logic that really makes sense in the present world." Steve Coll, CEO of the New America Foundation and a staff writer for The New Yorker. More here


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