Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Logic of Numbers

So Cong. Zialcita as you were saying, the Philippines has no population problem because we are the ones supplying labor to other countries? So now the other countries are laying off their own countrymen so they can hire the Filipinos who are not trained properly anyway because they are busy looking for food and have no money for health and education? Is that your only reason for not supporting the RH Bill? So God will provide for the Filipinos because He loves the poor?
This is the evidence.
The bigger the family size, the harder for a Filipino to get out of the rut. Many generations ago, labor is needed for the big tracts some of us might have had then. But these land had been subdivided and subdivided. That is if you have land.
Among the Ilocanos, the impulse was to leave the land. Ilocos has one of the lowest growth rate but it could mean a lot of things. The Ilocanos were the first to leave their provinces. The manongs of Hawaii did that a hundred years ago.
We can not just follow suit and leave the land. Didn't the good congressman know that some countries have stopped hiring foreigners? There is also the global crunch to think about. Where are we going to send our people, even if we give the best education which we don't?
What is their evidence? I have watched the interpellations and I have not heard any scientific evidence given by the anti-RH.
There is this smugness in some of them. Can they please go back to their places and see how their people suffered?

I have covered Masville through Save The Children. That is Paranaque.
In the end, it's not the number of people that will save our country, it is the quality. And this also reflects sadly on our House.


Anonymous volume-addict said...

Let's see someone draw a Venn diagram to illustrate that argument.

11:14 AM  

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