Friday, January 16, 2009

The Baguio Minute 2

The big news is still the cold weather, reaching 7.5 degrees on Thursday morning. Residents are seen buying jackets, mittens and scarves in the ukayukays. There were fewer people going out at night because of the cold weather which started January 2 when the temperature dipped to 9.6. People are saying that Baguio might reach the record low in 1961 when it hit 6.8 degrees. In Benguet, agricultural officials say that the frost on veggies would not be as serious as in the past. The idea to make Burnham Park into a theme park ala Legopark, Disneyland or Cordilleraland was opposed by the council. The council however stalled the issue of extending SM Mall into the forest lot in front of Convention Center. Like SM, University of Cordillera also got a prank call about a bomb last Wednesday, ssupending classes from 3 pm. Instead of closing it (as reported by tourism groups last year), Loakan Airport will be funded by the government for P22 million for more "feasibility studies." The city is trying to renegotiate on their multimillion peso garbage deal with Capas and also renegotiating with Tuba about the reopening of the dump. The city is also planning to privatize the Asin hydro plants and the city slaughterhouse. The family members of Wasing Sacla, Benguet's ex-vice guv, were brought to the hospital for eating bad eggs. A girl took her mom's SUV and went on a joyride with friends until the car jumped on the lagoon in front of Mansion House. Baguio is awaiting the training of boxing champs Donaire and Penalosa in Teachers Camp this week. Ifugao will finally have a community radio station and the Minanga Tribe in Kalinga was finally recognized.


Blogger hometownboy said...

Sarap siguro sa Baguio ngayon, para ka lang nasa ref. Hehehe.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous volume-addict said...

Baguio has it easy so far. We're getting 6 degrees out here as normal and dipped to the negative scale over Christmas week with all that snow staying around for more than 2 weeks.

5:45 AM  

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