Monday, December 22, 2008

While Surfing for the name of this Dutch Priest who Walks with a Bahag, I Found This

A short fiction from Grace Talusan:

The Angel Gabriel

Daughters are born to punish their fathers.
This is what Eduardo Romero, M.D. remembered just before he burst into the delivery room where his wife was giving birth to his fourth child. He could not recall from whom he first heard this saying: Perhaps from his mother, Eva, who clucked her tongue when Eduardo announced his daughters' births, or maybe from his father, Titong, who shook his head at the news, and said, "Another girl." Eduardo's friends, all physicians themselves, joked, "You only make X's, Compadre, no Y's." They suggested he eat yogurt or drink herbal remedies or visit a hilot healer. One friend said, "Don't keep so many girlfriends." Eduardo's maid, Cet, had said "God gives men daughters to teach them a lesson. Through their daughters' pain, men realize the pain they have sown on other women."

Grace Talusan earned an MFA in fiction at the University of California, Irvine, and a BA at Tufts University. Grace was awarded a Massachusetts Artist Grant and other grants to support research, travel, and writing. She has published fiction in various anthologies and nonfiction in Asiaweek, the Boston Globe, and the San Diego Reader. Currently, Grace is Scholar in Residence at Tufts University and serves on the board of directors of the Writers' Room.


Blogger Grace T said...

Hi Frank

Thanks for the shout-out.

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