Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Accidental Icon: Marky Cielo

Marky Cielo's mother said that her son became an accidental Igorot icon yet he played the role till his death.
"All he wanted he wanted was to join the audition," Mildred Cadaweg said at the service of the Church of the Resurrection Wednesday morning. "He said, I might be too old to audition again."
From 6,000 applicants in Dagupan, Cielo made it to the top and again among the 40 in the national finals.
"All he wanted was to be in the Top 20. He made it beyond his expectations," Mildred said in Ilocano.
His becoming the Igorot icon has become an accidental "mission."
"When the Internet began talking about him and his Igorot values, he asked me, Mom, what are the Igorot values. What is to be become an Igorot. In retrospect, he was very proud of his being Igorot. It has become his mission even it was a very heavy load."
She said that she was touched about the people who came and testified about his son's humility and caring for others.
"One night Robin Padilla came and he was wearing a T-shirt with the word "Igorotak," she said to the applause of the people inside the church.
"I can't feel grief right now I am a proud mother. He made me feel proud. I know that he made you feel proud, too ," she said.
Marky's relatives and friends gave presentation throughout the service.
His cousins sang "Tears in Heaven." Members of the Saint Louis University Dance Troupe danced an improvised ballet for him at the altar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,
I've been surfing the internet about Marky. Your blog gave me the much needed info. I intend to go to Marky's wake after work. Thank you very much for keeping people posted.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

I know that what I have to say will get lost in the flood of tributes to Marky but let me say it anyway. I'm not one to follow talent contests but I started paying attention when Marky made it to the top 20 in Starstruck. I rooted for him to the chagrin of my Manila-bred kids who had their own idea of what star quality was. I didn't go so far as to text in my votes but I was swelling with regional pride when he won. I didn't have a chance to follow his career as I was out of the country most of the time but whenever I'm home it makes me very happy to see how well he was doing.
I was out of the country (I still am) when I chanced upon news of his death as I was surfing the internet for news of Manny Pacquiao's fight. I could hardly believe what I was reading. I can't help thinking how fickle fate could be. It offers little consolation to think that Marky's early demise only proves how true it is that the good die young. Like everyone else who calls Baguio his home, I regret that our star didn't shine for us a little longer. Now I could only hope to witness a repeat of the Marky phenomenon in what remains of my lifetime.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Lei said...

He was the icon that broke the stereotypes about Igorots.

In our Media Studies class, our prof showed us some of the comments against him from the Starstruck forums. They were all bashing him because of him being an Igorot.

But in the end, Marky was triumphant. He proved them wrong.

11:03 AM  

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