Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Songs

77 Santas. 77 Christmas songs downloaded.
Times Online has the 20 biggest CDs for the rest of the year:

18. The Police: Certifiable

They briefly reunited for a world tour and proved that while 20 years may have passed since their heyday, they could still rock. Now the band, headed by Sting, release a DVD and CD combo (two CDs and two DVDs) of the tour. Certifiable contains a recording of the group’s Buenos Aires concert (yes, Message In A Bottle and Every Breath You Take are in there) and footage of the tour. It is released on November 24.

14. Neil Young: Sugar Mountain

In 1968, the immeasurably influential Canadian had just left the band Buffalo Springfield and was on the brink of joining Crosby, Stills and Nash. With his first solo album in the pipeline, Young decided to see how he’d manage in front of an audience on his own. Choosing Canterbury House in Michigan for the experiment, Young quickly proved to an impressed crowd that he could fly solo. Now, 40 years later fans can buy a recording of the concert. Sugar Mountain is released on December 8.

6. Guns N’Roses: Chinese Democracy

After 14 years, £10 million and a constantly changing cast of producers, band members, and record company execs, Chinese Democracy will finally hit the shelves on November 24.

It might be the most expensive record ever made but at least it has a head start in the publicity stakes. No PR consultant could get the type of media coverage Axl Rose’s antics have secured. During the long, agonising making of Chinese Democracy, the frontman fell out with every one from the band’s original line-up, became a recluse and produced more than 1000 CDs and DAT cassettes of material.

Can all of the pain possibly pay off? Mr Rose clearly thinks so. He uploaded the whole album to the band's MySpace site this week confident that if fans heard a stream of the album they'd head to the shops come Monday.

4. The Killers: Day & Age

Do the Las Vegas band manage to reach the pop perfection of the much-loved singles Mr Brightside and Somebody Told Me on their third studio album? It’s a resounding yes according to the critics, who rushed to declare their approval for Day & Age when it was released this week. The chart-topping foursome hark back to the melodic arrangements and dark lyrics of first album Hot Fuss with singles Humanand Tranquilize, and according to Sunday Times critic Dan Cairns “trounce the competition.”

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Anonymous volume-addict said...

Best Buy stores out here in the US have already released Certifiable a few weeks ago. When I picked up my copy, I found out how flimsy the packaging was. The slipcase felt like it could easily be torn or folded. The CD holders inside could barely even hold the CDs and DVDs in the container. The sound quality is awesome though. It's a great memento to an awesome tour that I also got to see for myself.

2:15 PM  

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