Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Updates: Delfin Montano and Mandaya Moore-Orlis without the Hyphen

It's been so long since we snooped on The Blog. The blog to my surprise had gone into as many facelifts as Imelda Marcos but it's still snappy. I learned a lot today from his blog: Jon Santos marrying a Canadian man, Imelda Marcos and Trixie Cruz Angeles. Of course, the Gucci Gang. But it was a different blog from the one we followed in March and April. Brian wrote:

When the blog first started, I was a much different person indeed.
Just a very easy going, normal, regular guy really.
I was a Boracay party boy (no other option, hahaha).
I was also a property owner with a huge life in Australia.
Before 'it' all happened.

The Philippines has changed me though, NOT the other way around.
I've had to learn to fight dirty, almost against my will.
Because the system and people I'm dealing with are very dirty themselves.
In some cases, FILTHY dirty!

The Philippines will change anyone who gets emotionally involved with it. If you go into battle with any nations shortcomings, prepare for the worst. Because those in denial can be quite brutish.

It's incredible how much has happened to me since March 4th 2008.
Having said that, I'm on top of the world today!
I feel quite blessed for a Gabillion and one reasons.
But back then, I never thought it would be possible.
To be this fulfilled was something I thought would take years to get back.
It was that bad.
I have no savings, but I have happiness deep within me.
The fiance is a superstar!
My golden shimmering Pinoy.

True. Another blog I did not open for a month was that of Mandaya Moore - Orlis. Jawo had to tell me the news. The hyphen might disappear. Grabe. Look at the link below and read the sad dizzying event.


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