Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Relieving by the Road

“There is this bizarre tale which could be called “The Fat Woman Who Knew How to Shit.” After Buddha and several of his monks visited a certain king, the monks asked Buddha why the king had taken such a fat woman for his queen. Buddha replied, “Long ago, a corpulent peasant woman passed by the king’s palace. Nature called, and she relieved herself by the side of the road. The king just happened to be looking out of the window then and was taken with the dignity and grace with which the woman handled the emergency. Thinking to himself, “If she acts like that in private, she must be a good and decent woman.” The king took her as his queen, and she did turn out to be an excellent wife and mother, giving birth to a son who would eventually become a universal monarch.” taken from Buddha's Love, Marriage and Sexual Morality by J. Stevens (1990)


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