Sunday, August 24, 2008

James Tailleur

In search for a measly ballpen, I walked two kilometers around my hotel. Tourist row. Mostly French cafe and Internet shops at 100 kip a minute (Yes, they do kipling here) Also I saw two shops using the word "tailleur." I watch a lot of FTV (Fashion TV. Yes, they have it in my cable but it's FTV India which is like saying Bollywood in a straight line and no flailing of hands. Meaning no nudity and fun) and so I think I never saw that word before. Tailleur? Helleur? They also have a true blue French bakery selling baguettes for 13000 kips. The approximate ratio is one dollar for 10000 kips. And then there is the Laotian French bread which is dabbed in margarine and sprinkled with lotsa sugar similar to the Baguio Market. I saw other Frenchified words here which I will list after buying that ballpen.


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