Monday, July 14, 2008

You're The Top

I just bought an illustrated book on Cole Porter entitled "Cole." Very unassuming cover but what a wealth of snippets, photos and lyrics on Porter's life inside. I wanted to give this to Babeth but the way things are...Maybe later. His lyrics are sophisticated and sometimes cryptic as his "You're The Top" is now. Look at how Slate unlocked it.
Also the late great Nick Joaquin, who was our country's Cole Porter in a way, also made his own "You're The Top" which goes:

You’re the top
You’re Mayon Volcano
You’re the top
You’re Virginia Moreno
You’re the sob and sigh
of Kabayao’s violin
You’re Lechon de leche
you’re Escabeche
You’re Nick —

You’re the rose
of a poem by Villa
You’re the prose
of Manuel Arguilla
I’m a toy balloon
that is fated soon to pop!
But darling if I’m the bottom
You’re the top!

To make "volcano" rhyme with the great poet Virgie Moreno, he enunciated it as "Mo-raynow." I don't know, I changed the lyric I got from Alfredo Roces's blog from "Cabayao" to "Kabayao" because that's how I remembered spelling Gilopez Kabayao.


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