Monday, July 07, 2008

Actors Quoted on a Lot of Things


"I've made 36 movies in 20 years and I overacted a lot in my early career. So it's very difficult for me to look at myself in those early movies." Jean-Claude Van Damme.


"You know what I think? That Pauline was a poor Jewish girl who was at Berkeley with all these rich Pasadena Wasps with long blonde hair, and the heartlessness of them got her. And then, years later, she sees me." Meryl Streep on Pauline Kael's dislike of her

The Method

"He said to me, 'Lose weight, man, because you are not going to survive it if you are that fat!'" Guillermo del Toro on the best advice Peter Jackson has given him about making The Hobbit

SOS Bruce Lee

"In writing The Green Hornet, we have not hit many situations where you're like, 'You know what would make this scene better, if Kato said cocksucker.'" Seth Rogen

Well, Ray Charles Knew

"The good thing about satellite radio is that there's a freedom of expression that happens. I'm not going to let my kids listen to raw (stuff), but I might a little. (Sings a little bit of Lil Wayne's "Lollipop.") I didn't know so many people were licking and sucking … it's all over the place!" Stevie Wonder

"I always bare my breasts." Keira Knightley

Nobody's Indispensable

"He was saying, 'If you quit the show, you have the clout to get me back on.' And I said, 'You're fartin' way higher than your ass on that one, because everybody is disposable.'" Billy West, the voice of Ren and Stimpy, on John Kricfalusi


"I think deep down, everybody just wants to be sad. That's when you feel you're most alive." Ne-Yo

Doing the Papaya

"You know when you're drinking those smoothies you've got in America, and you're like, 'I think I can taste papaya.' That's what we're trying to do: make musical smoothies. We'll have a Kanye West influence here, a Beatles influence there." Chris Martin on Coldplay's new album

Frank Can't Hold a Gun

"They called up and asked, 'Are you still interested in Dirty Harry?' I said, 'What happened to Frank Sinatra?' And they said, 'Frank Sinatra's got some problem with his hand and he can't hold a gun.' That sounded like a pretty lame excuse, but it didn't matter to me." Clint Eastwood on landing his most famous role


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