Saturday, June 21, 2008

Words That Will Kill Me If I Use Them

1) Ocular inspection. Favorite of DPWH and congressmen. Some "enterprising" journalists would shorten this to "ocular." Eeew. Ocular is a medical term for the eye or vision. What's wrong with "inspect" or "see"? Ocular should only be used for people like JDV and Doro delos Ojos where the eyes are all you notice when they do their ocular inspection of their oculars.
2) Pro-active. WTF is that? So this is the "feel-good" opposite of deactivate, I presume. When I hear "pro-active," the image that comes to me is a prostitute who has a busy schedule.
3) Sustainable development. When something develops, everything around it changes for bad or worse. It is physics. If you insist otherwise, you are a liar.
4) Let's touch base. What is your base? Subic? Clark? Why base not bases? If you ony touch one base, you only made it to first base, which is nothing unless you touch the homeplate. Why not "touch the homeplate"? But "touch" is only for losers. You should ram, slide, swashbuckle the plate.
5) Paradigm shift. The only one I can tolerate using that was Peppot Ilagan and he's dead. He has shifted his paradigm. Also, people who still quote from "Future Shock" should be pro-activated.
6) Stakeholders. What is that? I see people each holding a stake to kill Dracula. Is that it?
7) At the end of the day. Sunset.
8) Within my radar. Are you Mt. Sto. Tomas with satellite dishes on top? No? Then you're out of my range
9) 101. 2.0. 110% There is only one Journalism 101 and that is Basic Journalism. Philippine Politics 101 is not a subject. Also what is Life 2.0? Or Existence 2.0? 110% is OA. Those who use 24/7 work in 7-11.
10) Actually. Actually, I use it often. Kill me.


Blogger the spy in the sandwich said...

mine is "basically." i use it all the time! ngak!

12:53 PM  

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