Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zizek on Barrack

Zizek had been known as the "Elvis of Cultural Theory" and here's an excerpt of his interview with Goodman of "Democracy Now!" It's a not-so-long interview and now we come to the end of Part I when he was asked about Obama's chances.

SLAVOJ ZIZEK: I think there would have been like left of Barack, if I may put it this way, no? It would have been probably not. But going seriously, no, of course, I am—my god, it’s stupid to say—for Barack and so on. But I see a tragedy here, because like let’s say he wins. What will he do? The tragedy of today’s left is what? It’s always the same story. Lula in Brazil, Mandela even. The good guy wins, we are enthusiastic, then you have around two years usually of period of grace, and then you have really to decide—do you play with global capitalism, or do you want to mess with it?

With this, I am not saying it doesn’t matter. Barack Obama can do things. There are many important gestures, like Guantanamo, stop with these waterboarding jokes, open relations with Cuba, recognize this would be incredibly important, recognize the Hague international tribunal. I will tell you from my European perspective, this was perceived in Europe as the worst, let’s say, ethical, political catastrophe of the United States. First they push for international court, then they sabotage it. People ask today, why are such crazy nationalists in Serbia? I’ll tell you. I spoke with them. They told me, first, United States push—they are still—sorry, I will be very brief—putting pressure on us, deliver Milosevic, Karadzic, all the criminals to Hague. Then, the same people, time and—

AMY GOODMAN: Ten seconds.

SLAVOJ ZIZEK: Yeah. And sign the non-extradition treaty. So you are digging your own grave.

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