Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's So Pinoy

You ride a plane. You ignore the items being peddled by the stewardesses. You ask for blanket and then you put them in your bag. One time, one Pinay OFW even asked the stewardess if she can have it and the stewardess said, Yes. So the OFW asked for another one. You look at the headphones but the airlines have become wiser by coming out with two-pronged headphones. You ignore the magazine because who would read them back home? Then you felt something below your seat. Oh it's a lifejacket! Great, you are riding a ship after this plane trip. So you decide to bring this home. You also tell your seatmate that it's OK.


Blogger The Nashman said...

hwag ka, i thought of doing this too!

seriously! are airlines so optimistic or what! crashing on water is nearly as immediately catastrophic as crashing on cement.

5:30 PM  

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