Friday, April 11, 2008

Fischer's Hard Drive

They finally got into Bobby Fischer's harddrive. Butch P brought me to this and even reminded me that there were lots of Baguio dateline. Hmmm. emailing in 1984. Too good to be true
Date: 06 Oct 1984 23:04:16 -0700
From: Robert J Fischer <>
To: [Deleted]
Subject: Your match against the little Russian
Manila, 10/6/1984
You play like a child. In your third game how could you play N-QR4??
What a terrible move. In the sixth game you exchanged queens. Why? You
cannot play without the queens, you lose the rook ending. My sister
would have held it blindfold. 61 K-Q1 was a terrible move. In the next
game you play the Tarrasch (the Trash). You should play King’s Indian
and not this kind of bullshit. In the ninth game hadn’t you seen my
game against Saidy? The same ending with reversed colors.

0-4 after nine games, oh god. But okay, it is not lost yet. My advice
for the rest of the match is play for a draw in every game. Don’t risk
anything, just hang on, tire him out. He is much older than you. Be
ready to grab a game when he blunders. Remember you can lose one more

Copy his openings. That’s what Bronstein did against Botvinnik. It
will drive him nuts. Play many different openings, like I did against
Boris. Try Queen’s Indian with P-QR3. With black if you must play
Queen’s Gambit try the Cambridge Springs Variation. It is not as bad
as people think.

I am helping you against the little Russian because you are from
Azerbaijan and not a Russian. Lucky for you. I hope you never think of
moving to Moscow!
PS: Always remember that you must not tell anybody about our
correspondence. NOBODY. You will earn my eternal hatred if you do so.


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