Friday, March 28, 2008


In one guerrilla maneuver, Kawayan de Guia and I draped Tibetan prayer flags at the "dragon lamp" after Ferdi Balanag and Karlo Altomonte's Sex, Drug and Rock n Roll performance at the Cafe by the Ruins last night. Just our way of saying, Free Tibet!
Now the figurehead of all this worldwide movement is, of course, the Dalai Lama. Come to think of it, why is he so coooooooooool?
Here's the reason. Meditayshun.

Meditation may increase a person's ability to feel empathy and benevolence for others, according to a study published March 26 in the journal PLoS ONE.

Scientists asked subjects — both expert meditators and novices — to practice compassion meditation while inside a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine (fMRI). The participants heard sounds designed to provoke an empathetic response, such as a distressed woman calling out, as well as positive sounds (a baby laughing) and neutral sounds (background noise at a restaurant).

When subjects heard the sounds, both groups experienced more brain activity in areas associated with empathy and emotions while meditating than while not meditating. The distressed sounds elicited stronger empathetic responses than the positive and neutral noises, and the brain activity in these regions was much stronger in the seasoned meditators.



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