Sunday, March 09, 2008

PGMA as leprechaun? The debate ensues

The talk among kaffeeklatsch people is that PGMA is so damn lucky, she's so out of here. Now people say she's a leprechaun. But technically, a leprechaun is a male. The wiki said that "One of the most widely accepted theories is that the name comes from the Irish word leipreachán, defined by Dinneen as "a pigmy, a sprite, a leprechaun; for luchorpán"; the latter word Dinneen defines as "a pigmy, a leprechaun; 'a kind of aqueous sprite'"; this word has also been identified as meaning "half-bodied", or "small-bodied". This is the etymology given in the Collins English Dictionary." There it is: pigmy.
"The word leprechaun was first recorded used in the English language in 1604 in Middleton and Dekker's The Honest Whore as lubrican," it added.
The next seach word: whore. Negated, however, by the adjective, honest.
Later, a comment about Irish politics: "Leprechauns have also been used in jokes regarding fiscal irresponsibility, the idea being that the politician or political party being attacked has found a pot of gold, or is going to ask a leprechaun for the location of such a pot, accommodating their spending."
Another search phrase: fiscal irresponsibility.
So PGMA is a leprechaun in skirt? The debate continues.


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