Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nothing's Gonna Change My World: Beatles, Nasa and the North Star

NASA will broadcast the Beatles' "Across the Universe" towards the North Star to mark the 40th anniversary when that song was recorded.
"The broadcast will start at 0000 GMT Tuesday and will travel toward the Little Dipper constellation's brightest star at the speed of light, or 307,000 kilometers (186,000 miles) per second."
It will reach the North Star in 431 years. Yay!
Wherever you are, here's the time to sing along with John (the composer), George, Paul and Ringo. "Amazing! Well done, NASA! Send my love to the aliens. All the best, Paul," McCartney said.
Here's your sked:

Feb 4th 3pm Anchorage
Feb 4th 4pm Los Angeles
Feb 4th 5pm Guatemala
Feb 4th 6pm Chicago
Feb 4th 7pm New York
Feb 4th 7pm Montreal
Feb 4th 8pm Rio de Janeiro
Feb 4th 11pm Reykjavik
Feb 5th 12.00am Liverpool & London
Feb 5th 01.00am Europe
Feb 5th 02.00am Baghdad
Feb 5th 03.00am Moscow
Feb 5th 04.00am Karachi
Feb 5th 05.00am Dhaka
Feb 5th 06.00am Bangkok
Feb 5th 07.00am Shanghai, Manila, Baguio
Feb 5th 08.00am Tokyo
Feb 5th 09.00am Sydney
Feb 5th 10.00am Vladivostok
Feb 5th 11.00am Suva
Feb 5th 12.00am Auckland
Feb 5th 01.00am Kiritimati

Here's the lyrics:

Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup. They slither while they pass. They slip away across the universe. Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting thorough my open mind, possessing and caressing me

Chorus: Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world (4X)

Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes that call me on and on across the universe. Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box. They tumble blindly as
they make their way across the universe. Repeat chorus

Sounds of laughter shades of life are ringing through my open ears, exciting and inviting me .
Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns. It calls me on and on across the universe (Repeat chorus for 431 years)

Here's your KTV:
The Hallmark NASA version
A favorite: The Pleasantville version
The Beatles Anthology version

The song was composed by John Lennon who siad that the lyrics was among the best he made. Like some of his better songs, he wrote it in bed while ignoring his wife, Cynthia. The Sanskrit chorus means "I give thanks to Guru Dev or Teacher Dev" and is intended to lull you to higher consciousness. This song actually was released first in the World Wildlife Fund charity album. That's why there were bird chirping there.

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