Sunday, February 17, 2008

President Arroyo: Sometimes all the world seems so friendless

Last VD, PGMA sang a Carpenter's song with one of the original Carpenter, si Richard siyempre. With them was Claire dela Fuente, the Karen Carpenter of the Philippines, who seemed ill at ease because she was about to be upstaged. Notice her nostrils. PGMA sang, I Have You, which she said is her favorite but I feel she chose it because it described her current political crisis. As usual reporters were uncreative to include lyrics from the song as it would have been revealing of her. Here's the chorus:
Sometimes/ All the world can seem so/ Friendless/ And the road ahead so/ Endless/ And the dream so far away

It talks about her ever plunging popularity according to polls and the 2010 and her dream of extending beyond infinity.

Sometimes/ When I'm almost/ To surrender/ Then I stop/ And I remember/I have you/ To save my day

Who you? FG? An unnamed somebody? The best way to sing it should have been to stop after "Then I stop" then leave Richard and Claire and the people. Anyway, if you want to sing along, please consult my other blog for the Karaoke.

apay guapo ka?


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