Sunday, February 24, 2008

GMA and Sleep

Well, she said that she sleeps seven hours a day. That implicitly meant that she ahd a clear conscience. Do you agree. Shakespeare did, at least with Macbeth.
But then the real question shoudl be: Does PGMA dream? Psychopaths, I heard, don't have dreams and have more so-called low level sleep not REM.

But let's give her that benefit of the doubt. Here's Elvis Costello's "Sleep of the Just"

The soldier asked my name and did I come here very often
Well I thought that he was asking me to dance
In my holy coat and hat and him in his red bonnet
We'd have made a lovely couple but we never had the chance

And now you say that you've got to go
Well if you must you must
I suppose that you need the sleep of the just

Well it was a powerful day and there were black crows in the road
And I kept my strong opinions to my chest
I suppose I should have told them that I was on fire for you
When the bus burst into flames outside some place, 'The Poet's Rest

Is PGMA just because she sleeps well? Or maybe she is just sleeping?


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Interesting article! :)

6:02 PM  

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