Saturday, January 19, 2008

Life in Numbers

Unless you were Bobby Fischer, you would have forged 1,700 friendships within your lifetime. More if you have a Friendster account. You would have spoken 123,205,750 words and dreamt 104,390 dreams. You, however, would have used 198 bottles of shampoo (trickier because we use sachets as part of our travelling job). You would have made love less than 5,000 times (actually 4,239) unless you are like some of my friends who had that in a year. Yes, Harley, you will drink 10,351 pints of beer and vomited a total volume of 140 liters. You made 59 holiday trips unless you are a wanderlust journalist where you add trips with pleasure. You would have eaten 1,200 chickens and four-and-a-half cows. How can you justify that?


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