Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Infamous Sept. 12 Bombo Radio Interview with Bobby Fischer

12 minutes of blitzkrieg
Then anecdotes about Fischer, Torre and sex from Chessmoso's Frank Pestano
The Atlantic Monthly Dec 2002 article of Rene Chun where he mentioned that Fischer had a daughter with a 22-year-old Chinoy from Manila in 2000.]
And then, please stop finding the romantic side of Fischer. There is even a blog saying that Fischer hated women, starting with his mom. Maybe the reason for his anti-Jew stance.
Then I found this: the mother's name of his daughter is Justine Ong (named by Chun) and their daughter is Jinky Ong Fischer

Tim Krabbe writes:

206. 9 March 2003: How Jinky Ong came into the world

In May 2000 Robert Nemenyi, a 57-year old Hungarian-American Jew, arrived in the Philippines, fresh from a Japanese jail, where he had spent some time after being caught at Narita Airport with some hemp he had tried to import from Germany.
He was looking for a woman who would cooperate in fulfilling his long-felt wish to perpetuate his genes. Eight years earlier, Nemenyi's genes had almost returned to their roots when he impregnated a young Hungarian woman (heavens no, not one of them), but on second thought, she had gotten rid of these genes.
This time however, a Filipino friend of Nemenyi's, whom we will call Gene for the occasion, set him up in a cottage in Baguio City, and presented him with a series of willing gene-carriers, from whom Nemenyi chose 22-year old Justine Ong. A contract was signed, Justine received the genes, and nine months later she gave birth to a girl, who now grows up in Davao City, under the name of Jinky Ong.


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