Friday, December 21, 2007

Bashing the Birthdays

Last weekend up to last night, I must have witnessed about 20 "birthday celebrations" in John Hay Manor, Pizza Hut, Don Henrico's and Tia Maria. These "celebrations" require the waiters making a fool of themselves by dancing and singing "Happy Birthday" with guitars and maracas. I am familiar with this gimmick and I can tell you that 90 PERCENT OF THESE BIRTHDAYS ARE FAKE. No one is celebrating a birthday. Most of these are aging guys who are having their reunions and it's really a macho thing that all the people should know that they are having fun and out to wreak havoc. They just want to make people perform crazy stuff. The real classy people (like me) would hostage the whole bar and buy everyone a drink and not give a reason. If I have a bar, I will require any proof of birthday before I will allow my people to become fools. And I will announce the true age. That includes you, Jesus.



Anonymous volume-addict said...

That's tellin' it to them, man!

Besides, everyone knows that the coolest birthday parties are the ones held in VIP sections of most watering holes and whatnot.

1:14 AM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

the coolest parties are when the guests become fools indeed

10:05 AM  

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