Saturday, November 10, 2007

Superman vs. Lex Luthor

Robert Gomez, an unknown even in this billiard-crazy country, will be facing Daryl Peach, another unknown, in the battle of the unknowns. But I already placed my money on Gomez two days ago so i believe he will win. The Zamboanga will have the hometown decision, of course, but all vestige of Pinoy hospitality vanished for Peach because of his controversial win over Django Bustamante. Leading 10-9, Django thought he pocketed the 9 ball using the 3-ball. The shot was nullified and Peach scored two more racks to win. The call of Referee Rees was right because the slow-mo said so, but try telling that to the crowd tomorrow. Gomez scored 11-4 against Kuo, the most points he gave his opponent so far. Gomez, whom they call Superman, is 28 and the last Pinoy qualifier, coming from Zamboanga. He previously won who won the Battle of Scandinavia 8-Ball in Norway and the Pacman 10-Ball in General Santos City. Peach is 35 and we share the same birthday. His head is like a cue ball while Gomez sports a blond streak in this pomaded coiffure. His latest win was the IPT German Open. of course, it's their first time to meet each other. I think Gomez is more skillful and Peach better at decision-making. But the last game of Gomez should strike fear in England's (black)pool's heart. After trailing 0-4 against Boyes, he scored 11 straight to nail the game and Boyes to his chair. The same thing he did with Lely, 0-1 then 10 straight racks. Pool fans, however, frown at his soft break. I'm sure if Strickland is still here he would be fuming like crazy. But then that last game with Boyes showed that Gomez can break hard. He even had a golden break on his 8th rack, the first time that the 9 ball went in in the first salvo. Tried listening to the Studio 23 simulcast, what idiots these commentators are.



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