Monday, November 26, 2007

Writing Under the Weather

Someone told me that when you are "under the weather" and "under the typhoon" yet you have a deadline, first thing to do is to get vitamins and medicines. Then work in the afternoons because that's when people's health tend to stabilize but then we are not normal people. Focus on non-intellectual writing like business emails, copywriting or orders to your serfs. No features or novels. Tell people you have to email them if you're writing a news story or investigative features because you can't call them on the phone. About this typhoon though, read Joseph Conrad or The Perfect Storm. Ha ha ha. I love writing during typhoons except that in the Philippines you also have to worry about blackouts so charge your laptops and cellphones. Try to back up as often as possible. Read weather bulletins. Buy your provisions. If blackouts come, get the most beautiful candles and write your poems.

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Blogger marionne said...

So that was what you were doing gayam last night, inya?

11:46 AM  

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