Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Word for Today Is...


This is what classmates of the Philippine Military Academy call each other. Examples include:
1) mga mistah...kmusta n kyo lahat...for info wla nko OCGPA, nagrerelax nko d2 OG3,10ID ksama ko cla Q, noki, mabsky
2) Matillano’s classmate or “mistah” from the PMA Class 1971, retired police Deputy Director General Reynaldo Velasco, said he would run for mayor in his hometown in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan province
3) On the average mistah, we are now 43 years old and older and I hope a lot wiser too.

PMA, as per tradition, will not divulge the etymology of "mistah" and will only say that it did not come from "mister."
Someone told me that it came from:
mystagogue (MIS-tuh-gog) noun

One who teaches mystical doctrines or one who inititates others into
religious cults.

[From Latin mystagogus, from Greek mystagogos, from mystes (an initiate) +
agogos (leader).]
This is plausible because most of the PMA graduates now involved in politics act like mystagogues.

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