Sunday, November 25, 2007


If you still have a child who doesn't know what to do but doesn't like nursing, let him or her take Theater Arts so that he would become a costume designer. He or she would be very privileged in this country. Just look around. For Costumers Only. Costumer's Parking Only. Para sa Mga Kostumer Lang Po. Non-Costumers Not Allowed.
How many costumers do you know. I know the one in CCP but he died already. Are fashion designers allowed because not all do costumes. How about the aboloryo, which incidentally is the tile of Martin Masadao's great script for Cinemalaya. His story is a radical look on sexuality (actually non-sexuality), globalization and love. I hope he makes it in the Magic 10 so he can use the costumer parking lots.
Some said that "costumers" actually means "customers." Gasp! Are the Pinoys that stupid? It's allegedly an Englification of "kostumer." I think this theory is right because why would you call them ""customer" e walang kustom yan (Why call them customers when they have no manners).
This is similar to the "cementery" because its an Englification of "cementerio" or "sementerio."
The Spanish cementerio comes from the Greek koimeterion, which is related to`dormitory'. So the dormitory-type crypts are not farfetched. Also in Ilocos, camposanto was more popular then.
Does "cement" come from "cementerio." It started in the 1300s from the Old French "ciment," from L. cæmenta "stone chips used for making mortar," from cædere "to cut down, chop, beat, hew, fell, slay" from PIE base *(s)k(h)a- "to strike" (cf. Skt. skhidati "beats, tears," Lith. kaisti "shave," Ger. heien "beat").
Cemetery is akin crematorium because of Late Latin's coemeterium which is also "graveyard."
So the assumption that because cememnt is used for tombs naturally meant that the two came from the same is not accurate.
About customer and costumer, there is little relation etymologically except that customer's many meanings include strumpet, lord and patron, which a costumer can easily a costume for. As for parking privileges in the Philippines, the costumers reign supreme above all classes.

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